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How to Learn Part 1

If you want to be good at anything, you need to get good at learning. Sports and Hobbies all take time to learn to be great at. But it is more than just time… There is an equation for learning G=P(T+F). Greatness equals practice, times focused learning time. Focus is the key to becoming a great learner. To focus, you must avoid distractions and multitasking. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to get in a peak learning state. Every time you get distracted, it takes another 3-10 minutes to get back in that state. When you multitask, you never reach a peak learning state. Your learning time needs to be focused. Completely free from distraction and multitasking.

How to Learn Part 1

How to Learn Part 2 of 9

Practice makes perfect we all know this… but the practice is boring
So annoying most people stop practicing before learning to be great. People focus too much on being great, making practice seem to take too long.
People give up before they get great to learn to be great. You need to set small learning goals you can reach every day. While still keeping the goal of greatness in mind. Getting wins every day makes practice exciting!
Keeping you on track toward greatness, even if it takes time.
-Set small learning goals
-Celebrate when you reach these goals
-Keep greatness in mind, but focus on practice!

How to Learn Part 2

How to Learn Part 3

In school, being wrong means you are not learning.
This thought stays with us as adults, and we become afraid to fail. This holds us back from learning. If you want to be a rockstar learner, you need to get comfortable failing. If you’re going to be a talented learner, you need to fail fast and often and be alright with it!

How to Learn Part 4

When you have a practicing mindset you are content practicing regardless of progress. You are content when you make the shot… and when you miss it.
To be a great learner, you need to:
-Not be discouraged by social media
– Focus on learning to enjoy practicing
– Be content even when you mess up

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