Injury Free Responders!

Know safety, no injury. No safety, know injury.

Injury Prevention Systems for Responders:

  • Industry's only validated program
  • Evidence-based learning system
  • Actionable plans based on case studies
  • Prevents responder injury
  • Promotes total wellness
New York City - April 6, 2018: NYC midtown with FDNY red ambulance open truck parked on street

Injury Prevention System Benefits: It Works!

Only safety-based learning system built by and for responders- Designed by the industry's leading expert in fitness and
wellness, Injury Prevention Systems reflects years of experience in the field to ensure its training is well-tested
and EMS-a pp roved.

Validated methodology- Using the latest evidence-based methods, Injury Prevention Systems meets or exceeds 4 of the 5
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health {NIOSH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention {CDC}
recommendations for EMS safety, fatigue management, and fatigue-related risks.

Flexible training model -To meet virtually any EMS department size and budget, our system can be delivered in both
hands-on and virtual methods.

A healthy ROI -A modest investment in Injury Prevention Systems could save you tens of thousands in potential lost
revenue and workers' compensation mitigation.


Book an Assessment and Get A Proven Staff Resiliency Program Free of Charge

Injury Prevention Systems prides itself on advising, facilitating, and executing proven systems to prevent injuries. To better understand this process and what we can offer you, please book your free 30-Minute Assessment below. 

In this assessment you will receive:

  • Expert recommendations on risks you face daily

  • A working "next steps plan" you can execute rapidly.

  • You will understand the organizational and staff requirements for Injury Prevention.

  • You will understand the type of leadership support needed for Injury Prevention.

  • You have a simple formula to predict your success in our programs. 

  • Access to continuing education 

  • Access to our Injury Free Mastermind Group